New Search Feature Now Available

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New Search Feature Now Available

We are pleased to announce an improved version of our search feature.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Increased performance and speed. Our new search is powered by Amazon’s ElasticSearch and is 5 times faster than its previous version.

2. More accurate search results. Our new search yields more accurate search results. For example, inflections of search terms are now included in the video search results (ex: bikes and biking for the word bike.) Word search results also show the closest match plus all inflected forms of the word.

3. Favoriting words from search results. You can now add new words to My Words directly from word search results by favoriting them.


4. Add videos and courses directly from search results. Teachers can now build their class curriculum directly from the search results page by “adding to class” with one click. Before, teachers could only add videos and courses to class pages by clicking the “add to class” button on Browse, video detail page, or course detail page.


Search Roadmap

Here is our roadmap for further enhancements to our search feature.

1. Teacher Tools

The new search feature will be added to the Curriculum tab so teachers can add videos and courses directly from that page.

2. iOS and Android apps

We are also going to add search to our IOS and Android apps. Our plan is to provide the same enhanced features described above for the Web, implemented natively in both apps.

3. Others?

Please add your own suggestions and comments below, or contact us regarding how to improve Search functionality on EnglishCentral.

Happy Learning,
The EnglishCentral Team

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