Twenty-four Different Accents of English Now Available

    Twenty-four Different Accents of English Now Available

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    New Search Feature Allows Learners to Find Videos by Accent

    Today, EnglishCentral launched a new “Search by accent type” capability on the EnglishCentral Platform. We added this feature as a reflection of the fact that while 1.5 billion people on the planet speak at least some English, less than half speak with traditional North American, British, Australian, and New Zealand accents. See our blog post EnglishCentral Teacher Global English for more detailed statistics..

    What this feature means for English learners:

      Business English is international. Face-to-face and remote meetings are often with different nationalities and different accents. This tool will help you to improve your understanding in these international environments.

      Dealing with the unexpected. In business or traveling, we never know what accent we are going to come across. Working on different accents will allow you to deal with many different situations.

      Focus on culture. Learning different accents will not only develop your listening comprehension but also help you discover the diversity of cultures linked to those accents.

    This new feature makes over 24 accents available in the EnglishCentral video library of 23,000+ videos, including some learner favorites such as: Australian (Office Small Talk), British (Me Before You), Japanese (Exhausted But Happy), Chinese (What Jack Ma Regrets), Indian (Inspiring Girls to Believe), Nigerian (Staying in Rhythm), Pakistani (He Named Me Malala), and Polish (Grandpa Learns English).

    To find videos by accent type, learners can now filter and search videos by accents.

    Check out this new feature for accent search on EnglishCentral by entering a search term here.

    Happy Learning!

    EnglishCentral Team

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