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AI-powered English Conversational Platform Now Available in Thailand

EnglishCentral will be at the Thai TESOL 2023. Learn about EnglishCentral’s new AI-powered English Conversation Platform, now with local support in the Thai language.

EnglishCentral is an AI-powered English learning platform specifically designed to help improve conversational English, using the latest in speech recognition and natural language processing. It combines interactive videos, best in-class curriculum development, and the highest quality live teachers. The premise behind EnglishCentral’s “Youtube for Language Learning Approach” is to provide learners with engaging videos on topics they find interesting at their English level, and then have them engage in conversations about such topics.

In December 2022, EnglishCentral launched a Thai version of the product, with a fully localized Thai user interface as well as a Thai in-context learning dictionary. The Workshop will demonstrate how to select and set up classes, choose online courses, create weekly goals for watching (listening), speaking and vocabulary study, setting up weekly assessment tests, and tracking student progress, and generating grade reports. The Workshop will also share best practices from the over 1,000 schools that have deployed EnglishCentral, including use of game dynamics and scoreboards to motivate students and use of CEFR-based assessment tools to demonstrate student outcomes at the end of a semester of study.

Alan Schwartz has over two decades of experience in the EdTech industry. He began his career as head of Nuance’s Mobile & Consumer division where he worked with a team at Sony to develop one of the first mobile language translation games using speech technology called Talkman. In 2009, backed by Google Ventures, he founded EnglishCentral, now one of the world’s leading AI-powered platforms for learning conversational English, with over 10 million registered users, and 200,000 paying customers. Alan has a B.A. from Princeton University and a J.D. from Harvard University.

You can request for a customized online demo session with us and we’ll get back to you if in any case you are not going to be able to make it to the workshop.

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