5 Advantages of Learning English Online

English is the world’s lingua franca, and an official language in over 50 countries around the globe. It is also the official language of business and science, with most academic research and international cooperation being conducted in English. For these reasons, competence in English is a necessary prerequisite for participating in the global community.

Given that English skills are essential for global citizens, what is the best way to learn English? The spread of the Internet from the late 1990s, and the subsequent ubiquity of Internet connected devices such as smartphones and laptops, has made online English learning one of the most efficient and economical ways to acquire the language.

Here are 5 advantages of learning English online:

1) Go at Your Own Pace When you study English online, you gain full control over your learning experience. You can select from hundreds of courses catering to every possible interest or need. Unlike traditional classroom-based education, when you learn English online, you can study at a time and in a place that suits your busy life schedule. What’s more, learning online allows you move ahead with a lesson or go back to review the material whenever you need to, and you won’t be left behind or held up by other classmates who may be above or below your level.

2) Focus on Your Needs Whether it’s vocabulary, grammar, fluency, writing, or speaking, you can select the skill you most need to improve. Online learning offers a range of solutions that have been specifically designed to focus on the areas most in need of improvement. EnglishCentral offers a comprehensive learning process called “Watch, Learn, Speak, Go Live!”, which targets some of the most important language learning skills, including listening, vocabulary acquisition and review, pronunciation and fluency practice, and even interaction with a real human teacher.

3) Save Money Online English learning can offer much better value for money than traditional classroom-based education. Many English language schools charge enrollment fees, material fees, and assessment fees, in addition to the cost of the actual classes. Traditional classroom-based courses can therefore be prohibitively expensive. However, EnglishCentral believes that learning English should be accessible to everyone at an affordable price. Download the app now and check out the platform for yourself, free of charge.

4) Simplify Your Study Life When you study online, you never have to worry about carrying a heavy bag of textbooks around with you, or losing your valuable lesson notes. All of your learning progress is stored online, and can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. What’s more, advanced tracking and analytics algorithms can help you understand where you need to improve, and deliver learning materials to you at an optimal time for better retention in memory. EnglishCentral’s MyWords application , for example, employs Spaced Repetition to improve the rate at which you can learn and remember new words.

5) Attain Your Goals Using only a computer, tablet, or smartphone, learning online can help you attain your desired level of English language more efficiently and more economically than traditional classroom-based study methods.

What’s more, you can manage your own learning schedule, select courses which interest you, and focus on the elements of your English language ability that are most in need of improvement.

With EnglishCentral, You’re just a click away from becoming the English speaker you’ve always dreamed.

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