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EnglishCentral Course Catalog for 2020

EnglishCentral, known for carefully curating its best videos for a customized experience, offers its well-established courses along with new and exciting courses in its new 2020 Corporate Catalog. From Business courses designed to teach concepts and vocabulary needed for the business world to Travel courses that lead learners to discover new and fantastic places, EnglishCentral has a course to suit your specific needs.

New to our catalog is our course selection of Blended Solutions which combines the industry-leading technology of EnglishCentral with the text and curriculum development of established publishing houses. EnglishCentral is introducing its professionally-designed series called EnglishCentral Boost that is geared towards teenagers and young adults as well as Premium which is designed with an integrated approach for the development of all four language skills.

Explore our EnglishCentral catalog and find a course specifically for you. Whether it is the focused subject matter of an Industry-specific course or a macro-skill developing course in General English, EnglishCentral has a course for you. Explore and be entertained as you watch, learn, speak and GoLive your way to English success.

You can download the current academic catalog in high-resolution here

You can download the current academic catalog in high-resolution here