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EnglishCentral now available on Moodle

EnglishCentral now available on Moodle

EnglishCentral’s library of 10,000 interactive videos lessons for English learning is now available on Moodle.  Moodle is an open source, learning platform with over 68 million users and 55,000 sites deployed worldwide.

With our new Moodle module, teachers can now give students access to EnglishCentral’s unique video library, vocabulary learning and speaking technology, without giving up the security and convenience of Moodle’s LMS for storing student information and student progress.

Adding EnglishCentral Videos

The entire database of EnglishCentral videos can be accessed from within Moodle through a Search Feature. Teachers can search for and select videos based on topic, learning objective, video length, or level.  There are 7 levels of videos on EnglishCentral, ranging from CEFR A1 to C2.

EnglishCentral Features

Each EnglishCentral video lesson includes:

  • WATCH.  Students watch videos with transcripts and a bilingual dictionary, clicking on any word in the video they don’t know or would like to study.
  • LEARN.  Based on words selected by students, the player build a close activity for students to learn the words from the videos, and
  • SPEAK.   Then, using EnglishCentral’s IntelliSpeech assessment technology,  students speak the words in the context of sentence, getting instant feedback on their pronunciation and fluency.

Goal Setting

Teachers can set goals for watching videos, learning words, and speaking lines all from within the Moodle Settings Page:

Students View

Students can track the number of videos watches, vocabulary learned, and line spoken for each activity.    Their progress is updated in real-time.


Gradebook & Reports

Teacher can track Student progress against the set goals via the Moodle Gradebook Students overall completion % for each Moodle activity is shown in the Moodle Gradebook.


Mobile Support

The EnglishCentral Module is using responsive designs and therefore can be used on supported mobile devices, which include Android 5.0 and later, and IOS 11 and later.


This EnglishCentral Module for Moodle was developed with Prof. Gordon Bateson from Kochi University of Technology in Japan.  Gordon is currently using this with his students in a Presentation Course and has also created a demo course for  Science English, each deployed using the new EnglishCentral Module for Moodle.

Demos of these courses are available upon request. Please fill out the form below to schedule a demo.

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    How to Integrate EnglishCentral in Moodle

    How to Integrate EnglishCentral in Moodle

    The EnglishCentral Moodle module you can add video lessons from EnglishCentral directly into Moodle. To learn more about the the EnglishCentral Moodle Module, please visit our blog post here.   To try out EnglishCentral on Moodle, you can go to the test site.

    This post details how your school’s IT staff can integrate the module into your Moodle site.   Once you are ready to install the EnglishCentral module in your Moodle site, please follow the steps below.

    Installing the EnglishCentral Module
    1. Download the module zipfile from here.
    2. Unzip the file to your local computer.
    3. Rename the folder that was created to “englishcentral”.
    4. Upload the “englishcentral” folder to your [moodle site]/mod folder using FTP or CPanel.
      Zip the folder up, visit your Moodle site’s “site administration -> plugins -> install plugins” page. Drag the zip file into the ZIP Package area. If the “mod” folder does not have the correct permissions you will see a warning message and will need to change the permissions, or use the FTP/CPanel method.
    5. Visit your Admin/Notifications page so that the module gets installed.

    *For both methods, at the end of the installation process, the configuration settings will be displayed.

    Configuring the EnglishCentral Module

    To configure the EnglishCentral Module, you must:

    1. Get a PartnerID, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and Encrypted Secret from EnglishCentral, by filling out the form at the end of this post.
    2. You should receive an email reply back from EnglishCentral with the information necessary to add in the Activity Modules setting as follows:

    Creating an EnglishCentral Activity
    1. Once you have created a course in Moodle, now add activities that contain EnglishCentral videos:
    2. Choose EnglishCentral activity and click on Add.
    3. Define Activity Name, Description, Timing, Goals, etc.  Click on “Save Display”.
    Adding Videos to the Activity
    1. Use the video search bar to search for topics, keywords or key vocabulary.  Navigate and search for videos you want to use in the activity.
    2. You’ll be given a list of videos. Click on the plus icon to add the video to the activity.
    3. The video will be added to that activity and will be shown above the search bar.
    4. To delete the video from the activity, just drag the video to the trash bin. Click on ok when prompted to confirm if you want to delete the video from the activity.
    Getting Started

    To get started, fill out this request form: