Halloween Movies to Learn English

5 English Movies to Watch this Halloween

Here are 5 Halloween movies you can practice your English with while getting a good scare! Remember to use subtitles and an emergency light in case the power goes out (and in case you need a dictionary to look up Halloween vocabulary).

1) The Conjuring (2013). Ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren go to a farmhouse to help a family scared by an unknown dark presence. Strange events happen while they investigate the house. They later find out that the house once belonged to a witch. They have to do everything they can to save the family living there. But can they save their own?
The Conjuring isn’t just a terrifying film. If you want to learn intermediate and advanced vocabulary and pronunciation, this is the perfect film for you.

2) It (2017). Clowns are funny and nice but for the children of Derry, clowns are the last thing they want to see! A group of kids are hunted by a monster, who disguises itself as a clown to prey on the children in their little town. Can the children work together to destroy the monster before it destroys them?
“It” is a scary movie that will surely keep you awake the entire time. Aside from the screenplay, the film’s script has a lot of English expressions for you to study and learn in everyday conversations.

3) The Others (2001) If you like ghost stories, you’ll surely love The Others. In this film, A woman and her two children must stay in their darkened home because her kids are too sensitive to the light. The longer they stay in the house, the stranger things get. She is now convinced that their house is haunted by spirits, or is it?
Now, this is a movie with a lot of rich vocabulary and speaking lines due to the nature of the script. If you want to practice your speaking skills with long lines and formal English. This film is definitely for you.

4) Sixth Sense (1999) What’s scarier than getting visited by ghosts? Talking to them. The Sixth Sense is a horror drama about a boy who can see and speak to the dead. He gets help from a child psychologist, who thinks the boy is just being weird until he discovers something shocking that will change him forever.
The film is hauntingly interesting and the best part about it is that you get to learn a lot of idioms from it. The film title, Sixth Sense, is also an idiom. Try looking it up in the dictionary to know the meaning.

5) Coraline (2009) Looking for a spooky animated film to watch? Coraline is about an 11-year-old girl who finds a door to another world, similar to the one she’s living in. The other world is more perfect compared to her current home but something dark and terrifying is waiting for her behind the door.
Coraline is a creepy film with excellent stop motion animation. It’s the perfect Halloween film for kids because of the lesson being taught at the end of the film. If your kids (or family in general) are looking for a movie to learn English this October 31, they should watch this film.

Movies use natural language, which is a great way to learn English. If you want to improve your listening and speaking skills, films are the perfect learning materials for you. In case you want to watch more movie trailers or videos in general, visit the EnglishCentral website or download the mobile app . You get to learn different accents and pronunciation, made for ESL learners.

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