Learning English With Music

Music is everywhere. Music is also a fun and effective way to learn English. Why?

1. Songs are engaging and will keep you motivated, especially if you choose one at your English level.
2. Songs are filled with widely used expressions to improve your understanding of everyday English.
3. Songs are a great way to practice your speaking and pronunciation.

How to Practice English with Music on EnglishCentral

Pick a song at your level and give it a try:

Beginner: Dance With My Father Acoustic, A Cover of Lean On Me, What the World Needs Now

Intermediate: Fight Song Acapella, Mom Sings Like Elsa, I Lava You, A Thousand Years Cover

Advanced: All My Life Cover, If I Ain’t Got You Cover, Love Yourself Cover

To get you started, here are some music related words in English that you might want to learn:

tune (n.)a song or piece of music
The DJ played an upbeat dance tune at the party.
funky (adj.)
music that makes you want to dance

The music had a funky beat.
classic (n.)a song that has been popular for a long time
‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles is a real classic.
cover (n.)a recording of a song that was previously recorded by someone else
Have you listened to any cover song of ‘Hello’ by Adele?
catchy (adj.)music that is easy to remember
Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’ is really catchy!
track (n.)a song on a record

Tracks 5 and 6 are particularly good!

If you want to practice your English with more music videos, check out this link www.englishcentral.com

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