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  • Teach English with the world's best videos
  • Choose from a library of 12,000 video lessons, updated daily
  • Students define their own learning paths, according to their interests and level
  • Our IntellispeechSM assessment system encourages students to practice speaking and gives students instant feedback on their pronunciation and fluency

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How it Works?

WATCH a video a day, recommended based on your level and interests. Mark any words you don't know.
LEARN your new words by filling in the blanks while interacting with the video line.
SPEAK your new words in context, getting instant feedback on your pronunciation and fluency.

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EnglishCentral has more than 12.000 video lessons, covering over 50 topics, including academic, travel, media, grammar and many more.

Listen More, Be Decisive
Beginner | Business | Leaders
More Likes and Tweets for a Better Business
Intermediate | Business | Companies
Follow Your Dreams
Intermediate | Business | Leaders
Bill Gates: Inequity in the World
Intermediate | Business | Leaders
Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People
Intermediate | Academic | Speeches
Girls Who Stay True Are Powerful
Intermediate | Media | Celebrities
Space Oddity
Advanced | Media | Music/Ballads
Steven Spielberg's Obama
Intermediate | Media | Funny
Likes Could be Making us Dumber
Advanced | Academic | Programs and Apps
Smart Tattoos
Intermediate | Academic | Engineering
Does Technology Ruin Relationships?
Advanced | Social | Dating
A Flying Delivery
Advanced | Academic | Engineering
Avoid Long Lines in Europe
Intermediate | Travel | Destinations
A Travel Love Story
Advanced | Travel | Getting Around
Travel Easy With Google Trips
Intermediate | Travel | Getting Around
Great Outdoors of Cappadocia
Advanced | Travel | Natural Wonders
Long Live the Dreamers
Intermediate | Social | Inspiration
Greatness Is for All of Us
Intermediate | Social | Sports
Failing Means Living
Intermediate | Social | Daily Life
Keep on Fighting
Advanced | Social | Inspiration

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