Native vs Non-Native English Teachers

Is it true that native English teachers are better than non-native English teachers? Who does it better: the teacher who grew up using the language or the teacher who was once a student of the language? You’re about to find out.


Native speakers are better teachers because they have an American or British accent. Maybe. Maybe not. This may be true to some countries who often have little experience speaking English. Heavy or thick accents can make or break non-native teachers but here’s the thing: accents do not measure the effectiveness of English teaching.

Thanks to digital technology, audio, and video clips are readily available for ESL learners who want to learn proper English pronunciation. This broadens students’ perspectives about different accents and that English isn’t just American or British.

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Just because someone speaks English fluently doesn’t mean they can teach it effectively. They may be able to speak the language but explaining it to a first-time learner? Totally different. Native speakers still need to undergo classroom training to be effective ESL instructors.
When it comes to the mechanics of the English language, non-native teachers have an advantage. English grammar can be really tricky to non-natives who have to double their learning efforts to understand the rules of English. This results in helping them understand grammar structures and ideas better, which makes them effective educators.

There’s no doubt that native teachers know the rules of English but
non-native teachers might actually be better at explaining it.


You might think that native-speaking English teachers are better at teaching English because they know everything about the language. They’ve been using the language all their lives so you’d think they know how it works.

In a study by Masrizal (2003), there is a stereotype that native speakers are by nature the best people to teach his/her foreign language. (full article here)

The truth is, non-native English teachers can teach English concepts just as well as native teachers. Maybe even better. Why?

Non-natives understand what it’s like to learn English. They were once students of the language. They have a huge amount of experience, which comes in handy for non-native learners. They experienced writing and speaking English firsthand so they know their students’ problems and how to provide solutions that will work best for each one of them. Overall, being a good English teacher depends on the teacher’s qualifications as an educator.

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