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VNPT and EnglishCentral Partner in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam  October 11, 2017  – Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), one of the largest telco providers in Vietnam with more than 80 million mobile subscribers,  today announced the launch of its version of the EnglishCentral Service in Vietnam under the brand “MyEnglish“.


Mr. Ngo Dien Hy, CEO of VNPT Media, and Alan Schwartz, CEO of EnglishCentral, announce the partnership in Hanoi on October 11, 2017

The launch this year is the 1st phase in the partnership whereby VNPT has become the exclusive provider of the EnglishCentral Service to consumers, schools and businesses in Vietnam.

The new MyEnglish service is targeted first at consumers in Vietnam.  VNPT has a history of building successful multimedia consumer services in Vietnam, including its IPTV service “MyTV“, which quickly became the number one IPTV service in the market with over 1.5 million subscribers.    As with its MyTV service, the new MyEnglish service will use the billing network of VNPT to provide a frictionless payment system for users as well as VNPT Media’s own content delivery network (CDN) to provide high quality and robust video delivery.

As part of the partnership, VNPT also plans to target the school market through its educational subsidiary, VnEdu.  VnEdu is already the #1 education platform provider in Vietnam with over 1500 schools using its learning management system (LMS) called “MyHomework” in Vietnam.

The launch event was attended by 14 journalists and 2 television personalities,  including Khanh Vy, the Headmistress of Newton Middle School, Dr. Le Thi Chinh, Deputy CEO of VNPT-Media, Nguyen Van Tan as well as various news outlets.


A panel of industry thought leaders, Khanh Vy, EnglishCentral CEO Alan Schwartz, Deputy CEO of VNPT-Media Nguyen Van Tan and Headmistress of Newton Middle School Dr. Le Thi Chinh lead a Q&A with journalists.

The event also featured a panel of key opinion leaders including Khanh Vy, who currently hosts two educational programs on Vietnamese television and YouTube.   She’s a celebrity in Vietnam EdTech space, partly based on her being a polyglot who mastered 7 languages as a college student.  She commented that “the power of the new service is how it makes speaking fun and motivating for learners, while at the same time boosting their confidence with instant feedback. “


Khanh Vy, an edTech thought leader  in Vietnam, was at the launch event to opine on how it would change the face of English learning in Vietnam

“We are thrilled to be working with the team from VNPT Media”, said Alan Schwartz, Founder & CEO of EnglishCentral.   The team brings some very impressive assets to help build a customer base in Vietnam, including one of the best brands in the market,  deep experience in launching and marketing services in both the consumer and school markets, and considerable technical skill in payment and video delivery.


The MyEnglish launch team including in the middle, Alan Schwartz, CEO of EnglishCentral, Mr. Ngo Dien Hy, CEO of VNPT Media, and Nguyen Van Tan, Deputy CEO of VNPT-Media

Mr. Ngo Dien Hy, General Director of VNPT-Media commented that “we reviewed many potential solutions for launching our EnglishCentral, and chose EnglishCentral based on its combination of extensive content offering, unique speaking technology and high quality one-to-one live teaching. We believe the seamless integration of these three elements is key to creating a motivating and engaging learning experience for students.”

More coverage for the event in the Vietnamese Press can be found at:

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Classi to launch EnglishCentral for High Schools in Japan

Classi Partnership brings EnglishCentral to over 770,000 students in Japan

Tokyo, Japan September 11, 2019  – EnglishCentral, the leading provider of online English conversation solutions, will become a default option on Classi’s cloud- based learning platform, expanding EnglishCentral’s reach to over 2,000 schools and 770,000 students in the K-12 market in Japan.

Started in 2014, Classi is the largest provider of learning platforms to the K-12 market in Japan.   read more