An essential tool for learning English

Developing the ability to “speak and use English” for all learners at an affordable price

Essential tool for learning English

Develop the ability to “speak and use English” for all learners at an affordable price

Number of global users

More than 8 million

Number of domestic institutions

More than 400 institutions

Global users

More than 8 million

Domestic institutions

More than 400 institutions

Suitable implementation for each schools

Each schools has different situations,such as teacher’s skills,students motivation and goals to achieve. It is not easy to adapt examples that work well in other schools to other schools successfully.

In order to meet the needs and goals for each schools, EnglishCentral’s direct sales service provides proposals on how to use EnglishCentral effectively and optimize the performance based on more than 400 educational institutions case studies in Japan.

Many schools have found their own style to use EnglishCentral effectively.

Learn the essence of communication in class.

The essence of communication is to talk about topics of your interest.

It is hard to be able to speak English by just watching lecture videos and doing exercises.

In addition to learning from the textbook,you can choose from 15,000 videos based on your level and interests so that you can enhance your vocabulary and speaking skills.

With the GoLive! plan, learners can take an online English conversation class after completing video study including speaking activity.

There are many cases that schools personalize and provide learning method for each students with suitable level and theirinterests to improve practical English.

Learn with Authentic English

English is a common language all over the world and there are many different speakers with various backgrounds and speaking styles.

EnglishCentral provides the communication skills by providing a variety of videos in many situations. By practicing speaking activity in real-life English, learner will be able to hear much more slowly and clearly to listening questions in listening materials and practice tests.

Many students studying with EnglishCentral have significantly improved listening and speaking skills.

International sensibility

Even if you can speak English, you cannot communicate with substance without a variety of knowledge.

EnglishCentral adds dozens of videos each week on a wide range of topics of interest around the world, allowing you to develop an international mindset through learning.

Many schools use EnglishCentral as part of their integrated and inquiry frameworks.

Both learners and teachers Have fun, as much as you want.

There is nothing more painful than having to keep watching videos you have no interest in.

EnglishCentral has plenty of videos for English learners of all levels to enjoy and learn from, and with 15,000 CEFR-leveled videos and up to 30 online English lessons per month, learners who want to learn more will never be discouraged or discouraged from growing.

In addition to learner initiative, teacher can easily assign the videos that are relevant to the class materials or teachers preference to the class.

In many schools,teacher have students improve their motivation to study english and work on a lot more than assignments.

Learn efficiently with technology

By the using technology, learner can dramatically improve their Vocabulary,listening and speaking skills.

EnglishCentral provides an efficient way to learn to use English based on an unparalleled amount of accumulated data, including over 700 million speeches.

EnglishCentral provides an easy-to-use learning management system that allows students to listen to their own speaking voice and easily grade their own performance, and all videos are accompanied by scripts and teaching materials, greatly reducing the burden on teachers.

Many schools are using EnglishCentral to greatly reduce the burden on teachers to manage learning and prepare materials.

Affordable prices for all learners

No matter how great the service is, if the price is not affordable for continued use, you will stop using before having any effect.

Since 2009, EnglishCentral has been offering speech recognition and online English conversation, with continually improving the product and adding features such as word study and word tests to provide schools.

The price is consistently lower than the general public price so that schools can easily continue to use. However, We are confident that our support for teachers and schools to have learners learn efficiently and enjoyably.

Most EnglishCentral schools (direct sales) continue to use the service after the first year.